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We offer an extensive choice of bespoke quality specialist commercial deep cleaning services, working to defined standards, that are tailored to ensure the very highest level of hygiene so that potentially hazardous situations can be mitigated.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

We offer full deep kitchen cleaning

Our expert deep cleaning service is a sure way to remove all potentially harmful burned on carbon and fat deposits from kitchen equipment, which can be the cause of kitchen fires and pest infestations.

By using our deep cleaning services, you will not only be eliminating potentially dangerous kitchen dirt and bacteria, but also extending the life and efficiency of your expensive kitchen equipment.

Grease Extraction Duct Cleaning- TR19®

Cleaning your kitchen extraction system is a legal requirement

Grease extraction duct cleans are normally undertaken out of service hours. When undertaking a full extraction system clean, both the interior and exterior of the canopy hood are degreased thoroughly with particular attention given to the baffles where heavy grease build up usually materialises. The baffles are removed, inspected and soaked in a powerful cleaning solution and replaced when they meet our safety standards. All areas of the system are cleaned.

Ventilation System Cleaning

A clean ventilation system is an essential part of a healthy building

Our comprehensive cleaning process removes unwanted dust and debris from the system, including cleaning and replacement, if necessary, of filters to minimise airborne contaminants that can potentially harm the occupants of the building. A regular monitoring, cleaning and maintenance regime will help towards maintaining the healthy working of your ventilation system.

General Hygiene and Sanitisation Cleaning

Maintaining a clean working environment

Specialist cleaning is of prime importance given the recent outbreaks of COVID-19 Coronavirus. Our professional sanitising clean keeps your staff and customers safe by cleaning and sanitising all high traffic areas and touch points.

We also carry out…

  • Post Build and Installation Cleaning
  • Serviced Accommodation Deep Cleans
  • Internal/External Structure Cleaning
  • Washroom Cleaning
  • Pest Infestation Cleans


We work in multiple areas of business, across the UK, delivering industrial and commercial cleaning solutions. Our experience and expertise spans a number of sectors including schools, colleges, factories, hotels, restaurants, pubs, student accommodation, churches and hospitals where we’ve earned our solid and reliable reputation.


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